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My office telephone number is 703-573-8405

I check my voice mail frequently throughout the work day and evening. Voicemail is also checked intermittently at night, on the weekend, and on holidays.  Please provide your name and contact information when leaving a message so I can return your call in a timely fashion.  My professional telephone is a cell phone, so I carry it with me all of the time and will answer it promptly if I am available.


I recognize the ease and convenience of making contact using computer technology. Sometimes it just feels more comfortable to make the initial inquiry via email.   If your preference is to email me with initial inquiries, please feel free to do so. Just understand that regular email is not a confidential means of communication and I cannot guarantee your confidentiality if you contact me this way. 

My email address is
[email protected], or simply use the Appointment Request feature on my website.   I will read your email and will respond to you by email or by telephone.  Thank you and I look forward to speaking with you at more length about the therapy services I offer.

Voice Mail

Due to the nature of my work, I am often not immediately available to speak to you on the telephone.  While I am in session with patients I will not answer the phone.  My telephone is answered by voice mail that I monitor frequently.  Voice mail is password protected and retrieved electronically and not by answering machine. I will make every effort to return your call as soon as possible.  If you are difficult to reach, please inform me of some times when you will be available.

How are emergencies handled?

You may telephone me between appointments as needed if you feel it is urgent to speak before the next appointment.  I do not charge for short telephone calls (such as 5 or 10 minutes).  Longer calls are billed at the same rate as psychotherapy and can be paid on line or at the next session.  In medical emergencies (such as any life-threatening situation, including suicidal thoughts or impulses), please do not call the office.  Proceed immediately to the nearest emergency room, or if you cannot transport yourself, contact emergency personnel by dialing 911 and tell them that you have a medical emergency.  If you anticipate frequent need of crisis services, we can discuss this and come up with an ongoing plan.  I will arrange coverage by other professionals during my vacations.


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