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My fees are within the usual and customary standard set for the industry.  They compare well with most Clinical Psychologists who have similar education, training, experience, and cultivated expertise that practice Clinical Psychology in the Metropolitan, Washington D.C. area. 

Fees are charged according to the length of the time spent in session, which is typically 45-50 minutes. Longer sessions can be scheduled as well.   Fees for psychological testing and group therapy are different than individual therapy. It is best to contact me and inquire about my fees when making an initial appointment. Fee schedules will be agreed upon prior to the first appointment. 

For reference, at the bottom of the Common Questions page, there is a breakdown of the typical fee structure of therapists in the Washington, D.C. area.

I am a full-fee service provider. That basically means that my services are provided directly to you, and your payment is made directly to me at the time of each session. I do not accept or bill insurance for payment of psychotherapy services.  I do not participate with any insurance plan.  I have opted out of Medicare.

Instead, you may apply for reimbursement from your insurance company (if available, depending upon your benefit plan), and I will help you by preparing a statement of services. You may then be reimbursed directly by the insurance company for services you have received and paid for at my office.


Why I don’t participate with insurance companies.

Due to my commitment to effective psychotherapeutic treatment, maintaining confidentiality, and my belief that your therapy should be under your personal control, I do not particpate with insurance companies. You can still utilize your health insurance for psychotherapy with me.  I would be considered an "out-of-plan" or "out-of-network" provider, and the reimbursement rate may be different than for providers who participate with your insurance company.
Flexible Spending Accounts
If your company offers a pre-tax medical Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or if you have established a Health Savings Account (HSA), I strongly recommend that you consider using it to minimize your actual out-of-pocket cost for psychotherapy.  These kinds of accounts allow you to use pre-tax dollars for mental health services, medical deductibles, and co-pays (as well as for most medications, including over-the-counter supplies!).  This can save you up to a third of your expenses for psychological services.  Another benefit of using a flexible spending account is that you can file for reimbursement immediately, even before the plan is fully funded.  Money in an HSA account rolls over from one year to the next.  You may create/adjust these accounts annually or whenever your (or your partner's) employment or family situation changes. Flexible Spending Accounts are offered by employers; talk to your human resources manager or benefits officer for full information on your company's particular plan.  Health Savings Accounts are offered to individuals who have high deductible insurance plans.
Tax Status
Fees paid for psychological services may be tax deductible as a medical expense if you itemize deductions.


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