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First Session

Come On In

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Complete Registration Forms
After you contact me and an appointment is scheduled, I will provide you with instructions on how to register through my patient portal. This will establish an electronic health record which will keep your personal information safe and secure. There will be no need to complete paper forms upon your first visit to my office. You can also access the forms here on my website (
Helpful Forms page), print them out, fill them in, and bring them with you if you prefer.  I will then upload them to your electronic health record for safe keeping.

Let me know you are here
I have a unique light notification system in the waiting room that lets me know you have arrived.  Look for the row of light switches on the wall.  One of those light switches will have my name over it.  Simply press the switch in the opposite direction to which you found it, and that will light up a small light in my office.  If you toggle the switch back and forth it will turn the light on and off in my room, so try not to do that.  I will come out to greet you in the waiting room at the time of the appointment and show you to my office, where we will meet and get acquainted.

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We'll talk
The first session is often a time to gather lots of information and figure out a game plan.  We will discuss your reason(s) for seeking therapy and how we might approach the therapy process.  I encourage you to ask questions.  You will want to see if we are a good fit and if you could benefit from psychotherapy with me.  I too will be considering if we are well suited to work together and what treatment approach would be most effective.

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