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What is Therapy?


Not Just Talking

Psychotherapy is a collaboration between you and me, focused on your personal growth and healing. Think of it as a concentrated form of “emotional education” where increased insight, self-awareness, and widening of perspectives are achieved at a faster pace than what would happen through everyday life experiences and maturation alone.   Psychotherapy or counseling is recommended whenever a person is grappling with issues or concerns that are causing a great deal of pain or upset.  

Sometimes emotional distress interferes with one’s ability to move forward in life. When emotions are bottled up and not released, they stay with us and interfere with our perceptions and expectations of ourselves and of others. Patterns of behavior are repeated without achieving desired outcomes. Personality characteristics interfere with satisfying relationships or prevent realization of true potential. It is nearly impossible to heal yourself, as your perceptions are biased by what you believe are your own truths and certainties. Psychologists are experts at helping people rethink and re-evaluate their perceptions, find their way through life's difficulties, achieve symptom relief, facilitate personal growth, and lead more satisfying and fulfilling lives.

Psychotherapy produces change in your life, but not solely because of advice you get from the psychologist in a therapy session. Psychotherapy is a much richer experience. It is a specialized method that is effective in helping you learn how to cope with a wide range of difficulties and can produce lasting changes in your life. An inner strength is achieved and maintained beyond the therapy experience and becomes a part of who you are.

Professional Relationship
The professional relationship developed between a therapist and a client is based on therapeutic principles, structure and technique.  The training I received as a clinical psychologist allows me to understand psychological difficulties far more fully than an untrained person, and I can provide techniques for communicating this understanding in ways that are easily and effectively comprehended and absorbed.

The relationship is strictly professional, meaning that it exists solely for the purpose of helping the client.  Therapy is not a mutual relationship, like a friendship. In therapy, the interests, needs, and welfare of the client always come first. The therapist always focuses on understanding who you are, and only brings his or her own feelings and experiences into the situation when it would facilitate your treatment.

It is important to know that this relationship differs from all others in that it is strictly confidential.  With the exceptions of plans to harm yourself or others, you can speak without having to worry about information being told to others or in any way affecting your job, family, or relationships. 

Stength and Courage
Going to see a therapist is a sign of personal strength and wisdom, and recognition of the importance of your own well-being.   Therapy with a psychologist can help you get back on track, and can help enhance your quality of life. My goal is to collaborate with you to help you achieve greater happiness, inner peace, and satisfaction in your life, while maintaining the uniqueness and specialness of who you are.

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